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[19 Dec 2021 | Comments Off on Black & Read Holiday Hours 2021 | ]

Monday, December 20-Thursday, December 23
Friday, December 24
Saturday, December 25

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[25 Sep 2020 | Comments Off on Record Store Day Drops- September 26, 2020 | ]

We will be running the RSD Drops event like the last one- issuing vouchers to those in line before we open.  A list of the titles we received is available on the FB event page.

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[19 Aug 2020 | Comments Off on Record Store Day Drops- Saturday, August 29th | ]

Record Store Day Drops- August 29th
Obviously, Record Store Day will be very different this year.  The following guidelines indicate how we will be managing the first Record Store Day Drop on August 29th.  
Vouchers will be distributed to customers in a spaced and masked line outside the store at around 9:30am.  A list of records will be available and a voucher will be issued for each item.  Submit your voucher to a Black & Read employee at a designated location and the employee will retrieve the items for purchase.  If preferred, …

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[29 Apr 2020 | Comments Off on Save Your Record Store T-shirts! | ]

Interested in a t-shirt showing support for your local record shop?  Thinkindie cas created a shirt and program to support independent record stores.  click the link below to check it out:
ThinkIndie Shirt

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[13 Mar 2019 | Comments Off on GAMA Trade Show | ]

We are attending the GAMA Trade Show. Check back and on our FB page for updates on new and future releases.

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[13 Nov 2018 | Comments Off on Black Friday Record Store Day 2018 | ]

Drop by on Friday, November 23rd for RSD exclusives, live bands, and great deals throughout the store!

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[25 Aug 2018 | Comments Off on Munchkin Magical Moops Event | ]

Try out Munchkin Magical Moops on Sunday, August 26th at 1pm.  We  will also have a copy of the Munchkin CCG if anyone wants to give it a play.

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[16 Jun 2016 | Comments Off on Free RPG Day! | ]

We will be participating in Free RPG Day this year on Saturday, June 18th.
We B4 Goblins will start at high noon for four participants.  Through the Breach adventure will start at 4pm for up to five participants.   Just let us know you are interested and we will sign you up.
We will also have the quick start rules and modules for Free RPG Day.  We have limited quantities, so we will initially be giving out one item per customer.  Any remaining giveaways will be available Sunday.

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[14 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on New Games!!! | ]

New games!!!
Asmadi games: Equinox and Impulse
Ultimate Werewolf (& deluxe edition)
Bag O Zombie!!! Animals!!!
The Walking Dead Competitive Dice Game
DC Comics DBG: Crisis Exp. Pack
Marvel Heroclix: Guardians of the Galaxy
Pathfinder: Advanced Class Guide/ Cards: Social Combat/ Map Pack: Starship Chambers/ AP: Fires of Creation/ Technology Guide/ People of the Stars
Numenera: Technology Compendium
Mutants & Masterminds: Gadget Guides Sourcebook
Firefly RPG
Mindjammer Core Rules (Fate system)

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[11 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on Gaming | ]

We have been updating our releases on Facebook, but here are a few recent releases:
Castles & Crusades (Codex Nordica/Curse of the Khen)
Zombie 15′
Pixel Tactics 3
Formula D- NJ/Sotchi
Regular Show Fluxx
Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion
New Chessex dice
Archer board Game
Memoir 44: D-Day Landings Battlemap
Galactic Strike Force: Guardians of Volneth
Quarriors!: Light vs. Dark Expansion
Marvel Heroclix: Guardians of the Galaxy
Star Trek Attack Wing: Borg Soong; USS Enterprise; Dominion Battle Cruiser
Carcassonne Exp 9: Hills & Sheep
Also, Zooloretto is back in print as a Z-man game.
Seventh Hero
Doctor Who Risk
Viva Java The Dice Game